Friday, 14 September 2012


...Why does one get credit for, 'generating jobs and opportunities for other people' while society's creation of the demand and indeed provision of the revenues appears to be ignored? Thing that's annoying me today.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

This is a post about how much I hate religion.

"Some of my best friends are religious!..."

In Tartarstan, in the Russian Federation, some lunatic sect has been keeping children locked under-ground for years on end, its leader claiming to be a new Muslim prophet. Other Muslim leaders have said, er, no, Muhammed is the last prophet, and if you say otherwise you're not Muslim, so this shit isn't our responsibility. Cool. And Christians can say, er, no, Muhammed isn't a prophet, we stop at Iesu or whatever he's called. Cool. And Jews can say... and so on and so forth... 

Religion is bad, you barbarians-all, just fucking stop it.

I can't get over how religious leaders/groups in the region can absolve themselves of all responsibility by addressing one point of dogma in their fantasy and declaring that this sect leader deviates from it. Oh, so it's not your problem, then? Cool. I suppose the secular state will just have to deal with it. Well, there's a first time for everything (and a fucking seventy billionth, apparently).

Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Shintoists, Zoroastrians, Neo-Pagans, and all the rest, whatever made-up nonsense, you're all being dicks, just fucking grow up, we're all (people who aren't lying to themselves or others... there must be literally dozens of us in the world!) pig fucking sick of your shit.

We all (including you, don't fucking deny it you arrogant pricks) know that you're lying, it's inarguable, and you are getting a lot of people killed, tortured, raped, and robbed, and you've been doing it for thousands of years. Even in my most bizarre dreams I can't invent anything more evil than religion.

If this shit doesn't stop soon, I'm going to lose it and start building a forest of wicker giants, and then we'll all get our culturally sensitive religion on, and the pope is definitely invited. (I'm probably not going to do that. Just saying that if we really go the whole hog on religious tolerance, I'm going to have to set you all on fire to please Vindos.)

To clarify the point of this post: everyone who lies is a liar, and pointing out that another liar's lies contradict your lies does not legitimise your lies, you liar.

Or, “For fuck's sake, how much evil must humanity endure before you all just stop it?”

Friday, 6 July 2012

Argh! This doesn't look exactly the same as once it did!

I just over-heard an advert on telly describing a 28-page Jamie Oliver guide to good BBQ recipes, and putting aside for a moment the fact that it's absolutely pissing down and has been since the dawn of time, I couldn't help wondering, who actually needs 28 pages to explain how to do a nice bit of corn on the cob?

”...Free, with the Daily Mail”

Oh, okay.

I'm sure they do have a lot to tell us about how eating firelighters causes cancer, but how, fortunately, eating firelighters can prevent cancer and protect us from this clear and present danger to our children.

”...take care not to repeatedly cover and uncover your BBQ, as illegal immigrants may be attracted by smoke signals.”

More importantly, though, somebody's left the gingernuts unwrapped and now they've gone all soft. Friday is ruined.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

So, local council elections, tomorrow.

I can vote for the Tories, which would be a lot like going to the Lakes, catching an eel, freezing it solid, smashing myself in the balls with it forty or fifty times, eating half of it raw, then jamming the other half up my arse. Or I can vote for New Labour, who didn't even bother to campaign, have no chance of winning, and are also shit.

Plus, I won some ale at the pub quiz, tonight.

Odds on me bothering to vote?