Friday, 6 July 2012

Argh! This doesn't look exactly the same as once it did!

I just over-heard an advert on telly describing a 28-page Jamie Oliver guide to good BBQ recipes, and putting aside for a moment the fact that it's absolutely pissing down and has been since the dawn of time, I couldn't help wondering, who actually needs 28 pages to explain how to do a nice bit of corn on the cob?

”...Free, with the Daily Mail”

Oh, okay.

I'm sure they do have a lot to tell us about how eating firelighters causes cancer, but how, fortunately, eating firelighters can prevent cancer and protect us from this clear and present danger to our children.

”...take care not to repeatedly cover and uncover your BBQ, as illegal immigrants may be attracted by smoke signals.”

More importantly, though, somebody's left the gingernuts unwrapped and now they've gone all soft. Friday is ruined.

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